Ed Sheeran Is Renovating A House For His Future Family

Ed Sheeran may sing about a Lego House, but it turns out the real bricks-and-mortar deal is firmly on his mind. Yup, Ed is renovating a home ready for his wife and children to move into – he just needs to meet them now!

Ed, who is currently touring the US with Taylor Swift, has revealed to The Sun that he is investing his money wisely and building up the foundations of a dream house for his future family.

“Kanye West has that line, ‘White people make money and don’t spend it’ and that’s pretty much me.”

Ed Sheeran is currently on tour with close friend Taylor Swift (WENN)

“[But] I”m renovating a property where I grew up. This is going to be the family house for when I have kids and stuff.”

Adorable or presumptious? Who’s to say – but there’s no denying that Ed, who is renovating a property in his hometown of Halifax, has a pretty clear idea of what he wants the house to look like:

“I’m planting a lot of trees. Actually, it’s a farm I’m turning into a woodland.”

Maybe he was inspired by Taylor Swift, who has herself recently bought a property – although her Rhode Island property reportedly cost a whopping $17 million. Bit of a difference from Ed’s Halifax renovation, we imagine!

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