Dwayne Johnsons movie San Andreas couldnt happen

Dwayne The Rock Johnsons said on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week that his new disaster movie San Andreas could actually happen.

The premise of the movie centres around the San Andreas Fault giving way, causing a 9 magnitude earthquake in California. Johnson plays a search and rescue helicopter pilot, who has to work with his ex-wife to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco to save their daughter.

Speaking about how realistic the movie actually is, Dwayne might have really scared some people with this comment: “We had the world’s top seismologist and earthquake scientist pore over the script, challenge us with the script, so by the time they walked away they said, ‘Everything you guys shoot in the movie could actually happen,’ ”

But Thomas Jordan, USC professor director of the Southern California Earthquake Center, who did consult with moviemakers on the film said he was completely wrong.

Dwayne Johnson San Andreas


“I certainly don’t agree with what Dwayne Johnson said on Jimmy Fallon the other night,” he told the Los Angeles Times.

Previously, director Brad Peyton has claimed the tsunami featured in the movie, created by the earthquake, was based on scientific advice by the USC professor. He claimed that Jordan was a consultant for the movie and that the pair researched together, to ensure the movie was as realistic as possible.

Dwayne Johnson San Andreas


But Jordan has told the Los Angeles Times that this is not completely true. He told the paper he was not a paid consultant and while he did meet with the producer and director and read the script, they disregarded most of it.

“I gave them free advice, some of which they took – play up ‘drop, cover, and hold on’ – but much of which they didn’t – magnitude 9’s are too big for the San Andreas, and it can’t produce a big tsunami,” he said.

This might actually help the movie in California as it is pretty scary stuff!