Duran Duran Express Their Jubilee Disappointment: ‘Gary Barlow Didn’t Want Us!’

Rockers Duran Duran have been the latest celebs to tweet about their disappointment that Gary Barlow didn’t ask them to play at the Queen’s Jubilee concert on Monday evening (4 June).

Frontman Simon Le Bon took to Twitter during the gig to express his feelings to the world:

”Well, Julian Lloyd-Weber and Gary Barlow, I have to say, I am in the least – underwhelmed (sic),” Le Bon tweeted during the show on Monday evening (June 4).

”Well, at least we have Sir Paul McCartney’s ‘willy dance’ to look forward to. He is on it, right?”

Le Bon later claimed: “I absolutely wish that DD’d (Duran Duran had) been part of the Jubilee concert. But it was a Gary B booking, and he didn’t want us.”

The following day Le Bon added: “Really enjoyed Stevie Wonder & Sir P.McC. way too w**kered to tweet. Apparently I was shouting at the telly until late.”

So, was this another case of ‘drunken celeb tweeting’ once again??

Either way, Le Bon doesn’t seem too thrilled!

Meanwhile, Duran Duran weren’t the only celebs to feel ‘let down’ by Gary Barlow, as the Spice Girls also took to the social networking site during Monday’s event to also express their disappoint, with ‘Scary Spice’ Mel B even going as far as saying she was ‘heartbroken’ at the snub.

The singer posted on her Twitter page whilst watching the event on TV: “makes me sooo sad spice girls wasn’t part of the queens jubilee,break my heart big time,i was so up for it,watched some of it on tv,amazing! (sic)”

Fellow band member Mel C also tweeted: “Bit miffed I’m not down at Buckingham Palace 🙁 x (sic”)

Check out Duran Duran’s video for ‘Girl Panic!’ below:

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