Duchess Of Cambridge Royal Baby: Could Kate Middleton Be Pregnant With Twins?

The Duchess of Cambridge confirmed earlier this month she’s expecting her second child and is once again suffering from an intense form of morning sickness, called hyperemesis gravidarum. The excitement has, inevitably, caused a flurry of rumours and excitement including reports Kate could be carrying twins.

It’s believed the royal is in the early stages of pregnancy, when the condition is at it’s most potent and hasn’t been seen in public since the star of September. With this royal void, tabloids have been filling it with speculation, the most popular seems to be that the couple are expected twins.

According to celeb site Dirty Laundry, the couple are expecting twin girls and are calling them Elizabeth and Margaret, after the queen and her sister. But are they?  It’s actually almost impossible to know. The Duchess is in the very early stages and expectant mothers don’t find out about multiple births until their first ultrasound scan at around 10-13 weeks. Kate isn’t at this stage yet, according to reports, but we’re guessing with her connections, they can have a scan whenever they want!

Bookies at least haven’t ruled it out yet either and are giving the odds that Kate is expecting two children as 33/1 while triplets are 150/1 according to Paddy Power. According to the NHS, Kate’s got a one in 350 chance of being the proud mum of identical twins.

Could George be getting two little siblings? (SplashNews)

The palace has been very guarded in giving out information regarding royal births. When Prince George was born last year, we weren’t privy to the due date before hand or the sex of the baby, something the couple decided to wait to find out.

But we’re sure if there were twins on the way, the couple would tell us. During a trip to Malta this weekend, Prince William acknowledged that the Duchess was still very ill and might not be feeling better for a couple of weeks.

If they are expecting twins, we’d expect to hear about it further down the line, until the Duchess is out of the woods.