Downton Abbey Season 5: 7 Things To Know About Episode Two

Last week saw the return of Downton Abbey and as we got reacquainted with the residents of the Abbey, we also learnt about Baxter’s secret and saw Lady Mary declare that she wanted to have sex with Tony Gillingham before she made the decision about whether she wanted to marry him or not.

The episode also shocked us with a fire and gave us a glimmer of hope for Lady Edith who got to know her daughter, who is currently being looked after the estate’s farmer and his wife.

So what does the second episode have in store for us tonight? How will Lady Mary inform her family of her trip away with Tony, what does fate have in store for Baxter after she told Lady Cora that she was a criminal who spent time in jail? Take a look below.

Downton Abbey returns to our screens on ITV tonight at 9pm.