Dougie Poynter Wears A Dress As McFly Dance Gangnam Style For The McFly Show

Dougie Poynter Wears A Dress As McFly Dance Gangnam Style For The McFly Show

Photo: WENN

More than eight years after The McFly Show first appeared in the music video for the band’s debut single ‘5 Colours In Her Hair,’ Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd took over ITV for one hour this evening to make it a reality… and what an hour it was!

Opening the show in their now trademark matching suits, the McFly boys put on a cracking performance of the aforementioned ‘5 Colours’, the single which, back in 2004, rocketed to number one in the UK charts, where it stayed for two weeks.

Then, they took to their very own sofa in a pretty impressive set designed to look the McFly apartment. And who do you think was their landlord? None other than the Pub Landlord himself, comedian Al Murray.

After a bit of chitter chatter about the four band members’ achievements (Harry won Strictly Come Dancing last year around the same time that Dougie won I’m A Celebrity. Tom won £100,000 for charity in The Cube and Danny… well, he came fifth in Popstar to Operastar), Tom admitted that he had once wet himself on stage while playing Oliver in the West End when he was ten years old!

Of course, that gave the other three members of the band a sneaky idea. So when Tom whipped out the pink ukulele that shot to fame in the ‘Love Is Easy’ music video to perform ‘Where Is Love’ from the musical, Dougie boarded his giant toilet scooter (because everyone has one of those in the shed, right?) to circle Tom and remind him of his embarrassing incident.

The second song of the night was ‘Shine A Light’, and then the band returned to the sofa to chat about Dougie’s time in the jungle last year. Danny, Tom and Harry teased that it had been too easy for the youngest member of the band, so they were joined by boxing Olympic gold medalist Luke Campbell for the ‘McFly Marshmallow Massacre’.

The aim of the game was simple, the first person to eat all of the marshmallows wins. But, of course, it wasn’t that easy. Luke and Dougie were held back by a giant elastic band and had their hands tied behind their backs, as they ate marshmallows hanging from strings. Luke just pipped Dougie to the post this time though, managing to gobble up the last marshmallow first.

A combination of ‘Obviously’ and ‘All About You’ made up the third live performance of the evening, before McFly was joined by Corrination Street‘s Michelle Keegan, who they all seemed to enjoy the sight of, to say the least.

Even Michelle seemed to be picking on Danny Jones by reminding him that he hadn’t won any TV shows, which ended with the singer and guitarist blaring out an opera note into Michelle’s face. We hope you brushed your teeth Danny!

Continuing with the pick-on-Danny theme, next up was the ‘Danny’s Not A Loser’ riddle game, which saw Danny don a bright green skin-tight outfit with a matching hat while sitting in a chair that electrocuted him every time he got an answer wrong. That was all four times… poor guy.

To get revenge on his fellow bandmates following their constant teasing about his sparkly Strictly attire, drummer Harry came up with a clever prank involving lots of actors and some awkward interview questions that baffled Dougie and infuriated Tom. ‘You got Harryed’ boys!

But as Harry seemed to have gone missing as it approached time for the fourth song, Al Murray returned to take to the drums in his place as the band played a cover of Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, and he did a brilliant job! Who knew?

Finally, in what we thought was the highlight of the show, Harry’s fellow Strictly contestant and Waterloo Road star Chelsee Healey arrived to dance with Harry. They were soon joined by a ballroom dancing Danny with his inflatable partner, and then Tom with… wait for it… Dougie in a dress, wig and frilly knickers.

But that’s not even the best bit. Before we knew it, they had all broken into, you guessed it, ‘Gangnam Style‘.

PSY’s song has become the new dance craze, and the most viewed video on YouTube of all time, so it was only a matter of time before McFly joined the likes of Zara Phillips and Kylie Minogue to show of their Gangnam Style moves. Amazing!

So, after that excitement and a bit of magic from the poor ol’ Pat Sharp Lamp (Dougie’s fellow I’m A Celeb contestant dressed as a lamp, of course), McFly closed the show with ‘Star Girl’.

Phew! What did you think of The McFly Show? Shame it’s not back next Saturday, right?

Rumour has it that a repeat performance of McFly’s Gangnam Style could be on the cards during the band’s 2013 Memory Lane: Best Of McFly tour, which went on sale today.