Doreen Taylor Packs A Punch With The Video For New Track “Unstoppable”

Having already been featured on several national TV networks including CBS, NBC and The CW, Doreen Taylor is so stranger to growing success, having wowed fans across the country with her honest, emotive lyrics and songs which can and do resonate with all who listen to them. Her newest release, “Unstoppable” is no exception, but is considerably more personal. The track is a tribute to her friend, American heavyweight boxer Joe Frazier, who she met in 2007 and who passed away in 2011.

The accompanying video was released on March 8th, the anniversary of Frazier’s iconic Fight of The Century where he defeated the late, great Muhammad Ali at MSG in New York. In her own words, Taylor says of Joe and the video:

“Joe may have been a hero to the whole world, but he was much more than that to me. I got to know Joe very well the last few years of his life and I was blessed to learn not only about the celebrity boxing legend, but also got to know the incredibly warm human being that he was. We performed several times together in Atlantic City and he even came out many times to my own show throughout the 4 years I was lucky enough to know him. Music was a huge part of his life and I will always believe he and I bonded on a much deeper level… through the unspoken language of music. Throughout his entire life he had to overcome tremendous obstacles to be the true champion he was…. He truly was Unstoppable!”

As for what the future holds for the talented singer-songwriter, she’s allowed me to share the hugely exciting news that she’s currently work-shopping a brand-new musical based on the songs from her latest album Happily Ever After which is available now. She describes the production, slated to debut off-Broadway in late 2017/early 2018, as:

“…a theatrical hybrid combining the best elements of all my musical experience – musical theater, opera, acting and of course, mainstream music/ pop – and fusing it together into a very cool piece of art combined with emotional music, a great story line, stunning visuals and a mega talented cast.”

To keep up to date with Taylor, check out her website, give her page a like on Facebook or follow her on Twitter. Header photo credit: Steven Gindler.