‘I Don’t Want To Play Someone’s Mum’ Pamela Anderson Rules Out Baywatch Movie

Who’s excited about the upcoming Baywatch movie? Not Pamela Anderson apparently. The former lead actress has said that she has no plans to return to the show that made her famous.

According to the Press Association, Pamela has been approached to appear in the upcoming movie, but isn’t keen. She said “they’ve asked me, but I kind of like leaving it as it was. I think doing a movie sometimes ruins these really great TV shows as they were.

“And I don’t want to play someone’s mom. And someone else would be playing CJ.”

We’re much more likely to see her appearing on our screens with a pair of ice skates strapped to her feet – she’s just signed up to the new series of Dancing On Ice.You’ve got to be in good shape to take to the rink – and luckily, motherhood is keeping Pamela fit.

She revealed “I’ve never been a big work out person, but I love to dance, I love skating, I’m starting Pilates, I have a good diet, I’m lucky to have good genes, and crazy kids to run after. That keeps you in shape.”

We’ll still be watching the Baywatch movie, Pammy or no Pammy. But we’re excited to see her Dancing On Ice!