Don’t Let The Chair, Fold Down On Me! Watch Elton John Fall Off His Seat During Charity Tennis Match

Poor Elton John was left feeling a little red-faced over the weekend when he managed to fall off his chair in front of a packed-out audience during a charity tennis tournament. Luckily he was unhurt in the incident which saw him topple backwards taking a few other surrounding seats along for the ride too.

Sir Elton, 67, was at the Statoil Masters event in London on Sunday to help raise funds for his AIDS Foundation as his Team Elton John took on Team Billie Jean King. He went to sit down at the sidelines after congratulating another player on the efforts, plonking himself down in the deckhair style seat, which immediately gave way throwing him backwards with his legs in the air.

A concerned reporter close by can be heard gasping in the video clip of the funny accident, before Elton was helped back on this his feet by onlookers including Sir John McEnroe. The crowd then let out a burst of laughter as they realised he wasn’t injured from the fall. Elton saw the funny side too as he joked to the presenter “I’m not standing, yeah yeah yeah.”


Sadly his team also fell to a crushing defeat on the day with a 22-16 loss when former British No 1 Tim Henman  managed to out play former US Open champion Andy Roddick.
We feel really, really guilty for laughing at this one, but he was ok and even he joked about it immediately afterwards, so maybe it’s not so bad after all. Plus the gags are endless.