‘Don’t Become Famous’: Beyonce Fans React To Photo Ban Pre-Approved Snaps From O2 Arena Show Are Released

Beyonce’s ban on photographs being taking by press on her ‘Mrs. Carter Show’ world tour appears to have backfired as fans have blasted the singer for the move, just as she has released pre-approved snaps from her shows at London’s O2 Arena this week.

The 31-year-old caused a stir when it emerged last week that she has decided to ban the press from using their own photos on the tour after she was ridiculed for the “unflattering” photos taken from her Super Bowl performance.

This is one of the photos from Beyonce’s London shows which have been allowed for release (WENN)

It seems her plan has somewhat backfired as not only have her fans branded the photo ban ridiculous, they have been uploading their own snaps on Twitter. Juliette Alexandra said Beyonce should accept that there will be unattractive photos taken of her as it comes as part of her job.

“As if Beyonce has a photo ban at her concerts, idiot. Don’t become famous if you don’t want to be photographed,” Juliette tweeted.

Charlotte Saxby shared a similar sentiment, tweeting: “Really doesn’t understand why Beyonce has put a photo ban on her concert, obvs some are gonna be a bit dodge #whocares #yourahuman #duh.

Becca Porter added: “The photo ban on beyonce’s tour sounds strange.”

Meanwhile, the singer has so far performed two nights at the O2 as part of her six-night stint at the Arena before moving onto the rest of Europe. Check out the ‘pre-approved’ photos from the shows below…

Beyonce Performs At London’s O2 Arena On ‘Mrs. Carter Show’ World Tour…

Beyonce puts some VIP fans in the spotlight (WENN)