Does Kristen Stewart Have Two New Tattoos On Her Arms? (PHOTOS)

Kristen Stewart has either got some new tattoos on her arms, or she got bored on a plane and decided to doodle on herself.

The former Twilight actress has been spotted by paparazzi at LAX with previously unseen fish etched on her arm, prompting confusion as to whether or not she may have had them installed permanently, or if it’s just some harmless pen.

Furthermore, she seems to have a new ladder drawn on her other arm.

The star, as ever, didn’t really seem to give photographers the time of day as she strutted past them, looking cool and casual in a simple T-shirt and jeans.

Yesterday she was seen back together with her high-profile ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson… but not in the way the Robsten fans were probably hoping.

The two of them were seen in more loved-up times in the trailer for Twilight: Forever, a new box set that unites all of the films from the vampire saga, adapted from Stephanie Meyer’s popular novels.

Kristen Stewart at LAX (Splash News)

The pair split up earlier this year and have been subject to scrutiny on who’s-moved-on-with-who ever since – with Rob linked to Riley Keough and now Dylan Penn. Both of the glamorous ladies are believed to be chummy with Kristen.

However, in lighter news, Kristen polled higher than Rob in Empire Magazine’s list of Sexiest Movie Stars earlier this week.

Kristen managed to poll fourth in the ladies’ list, whilst Rob only just managed to scrape into the Top 10 on the mens’. We bet that felt good.

What do you think? Tattoos or drawings?