Did Kylie Jenner Snub Sister Kendall’s Birthday Lunch Over Jealousy?

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner may have once been inseparable, but now it seems that sibling rivalry has got the better of them with the pair said to be feuding over their fame. Apparently things have got so bad between them that Kylie didn’t even show up at her sister’s birthday lunch on Monday.

The girls are said to be at war over which one of them can become the most famous Jenner girl, with 19-year-old Kendall’s modelling career and dates with Harry Styles giving her a head start, before Kylie, 17, teamed up with new bestie Tyga and got everyone talking about her thanks to Instagram images of her full lips.

Now a source close to the girls has told RadarOnline that they think it’s really sad how the girls have let their hunger for fame get in the way of their relationship, unlike older sister’s Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian.

They said: “It is a competition between them now as to who can be the more famous Jenner and it is destroying their relationship. It’s sad. They used to be so close and now they are really letting this fame thing affect them!”


The insider also explained that Kylie feels Kendall abandoned her to hit the catwalk for big name designers and wants to make getting her music career off to a good start her priority.

They continued: “She thinks that her music career is going to take off and says she is getting her name out there right now. But it’s just another way of her trying to one-up Kendall. Kylie feels like Kendall abandoned her when her modelling career took off… And she kind of did.”

They also claimed that Kylie has found solace in her growing bond with Khloe because she feels like she is the only member of the family that still has their head screwed on.

The family friend added: “That’s why Kylie has gotten so close to Khloe recently. Khloe is the only one that keeps it real anymore.”