Did Jamie Dornan Bad Mouth Fifty Shade Of Grey Co-Star Rita Ora At The BAFTAs?

Jamie Dornan seems like a pretty nice guy. Judging by Twitter he always has time to pose with a fan even when he’s working, he dotes on his baby girl and he’s even got nice things to say about his ex Keira Knightley. So the idea that the hunk dissed his Fifty Shades co-star Rita Ora this week is a little hard to believe.

According to a reporter for the Daily Star, who was partying alongside Jamie after the BAFTA TV Awards on Sunday night, the actor isn’t a big fan of singer turned actress Rita, who plays his adopted sister Mia in the movie.

While Rita has called Jamie “gorgeous”, Jamie reportedly had a blunt answer for the Star reporter when asked if he found Rita’s remarks flattering: “No, I don’t”, he said. Ouch.

Jamie and his wife Amelia hit the BAFTA TV Awards on Sunday (WENN)

Then when asked if the two were friends after working together, Jamie is said to have added: “She was only on set for two days. I wouldn’t say we’re friends.”

To be fair though Jamie isn’t one for opening up in interviews. He has previously refused to talk about his lead in FSOG in interviews aside from the odd comment, and his last remark at the BAFTA party pretty much sums up his view on fame:

“It’s a strange environment, being hounded. It’s really hideous,” he reportedly said.