Did Conan O’Brien Want To Replace David Letterman On The Late Show?

Stephen Colbert was confirmed this week as taking over CBS’s The Late Show following the news that David Letterman is to step down next year. Following the news rival Conan O’Brien has insisted he’s happy for his fellow host and claimed he never wanted the gig anyway.

The 50 year-old, who hosts rival show Conan on TBS revealed he thought Colbert was the right man for the job on Friday and said he was never a contender to host Letterman.

He told Fox News: “I wasn’t up for it,”

“I’m very happy where I am, but I love Stephen. I think Stephen is great. I’m a huge fan of his as a comic and as a human being. I think it’s fantastic. I’m really glad that he got the job. I look forward to seeing his show.”

Colbert will be taking over from Letterman (WENN)

It wouldn’t be to much of a stretch to think O’Brien could follow in Letterman’s footsteps, after all he did replace Dave on NBC’s Late Night in 1993 when the host first took up the reigns of his Late Show which he hosted for two decades.

Perhaps Conan was burned from previous experience as he only lasted nine months in the job when he replaced Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, before Leno was brought back in 2009.

Insisting he wasn’t going to be moving anytime soon, O’Brien added: “Whenever I would hear there was speculation , I was like, ‘No. What?’ I’m happy,”

“I get to do what I want.”