Diane Clohesy, Wiki & Fast facts about Steve Bannon’s ex-wife

Diane Clohesy, a former model, is no longer Steve’s wife but it’s worth knowing more about her, as she is a figure who is also surfacing in some of the controversial stories about her ex-husband.

Diane Clohesy’s ex-husband, Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon was the head honcho of Breitbart News. He has no experience in public service so many people scratched their heads when he was handpicked by President Donald Trump to become his senior counselor and White House Chief Strategist. Apart from being good friends with the POTUS, he was his campaign chief during the election. This is one of the reasons why President Trump receives a lot of flak: his appointments and decisions are quite controversial and out of the blue. With Bannon’s government appointment, it thrust him and his family more to the limelight. Diane Clohesy is Bannon’s ex-wife. Both Bannon and Clohesy figured in several controversies.

Clohesy, a former aspiring model

Clohesy was a model before she married Bannon. Unfortunately, she lacked the height to become a successful model. She emigrated from Ireland in 1990. It was a hard knock life for the Irish immigrant but she pulled through. Clohesy has quite a strong personality. She studied at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. She also joined the Rose of Tralee International Festival once upon a time.
In 2002, Clohesy assaulted a cabin crew of Aer Lingus when she was prevented from drinking alcohol during the flight. Because of that incident, she is banned from flying Aer Lingus and was fined for assault and damages.

When they met

She then met and dated future husband, Bannon. She was Bannon’s third wife. They were married from 2006 to 2009. With her association and relationship to Bannon, Clohesy quickly got used to the power that her husband’s position brought. She evinced a certain attitude since then. This could be seen as she represented the Tea Party.

After their divorce, all the scandals and scenes

Despite their separation, Bannon continued his financial support for Clohesy. After Clohesy figured in several run-ins with the law, one of which when she tried to pass marijuana and a phone to a Miami-Dade inmate, Clohesy’s brother Declan explained why his sister acted this way. He revealed her mental illness and substance abuse issues and how supportive Bannon is still of Clohesy. At this time, Bannon was becoming more famous while Clohesy was becoming more infamous.

During the election, Clohesy was caught trying to vote for Trump twice in Iowa. When interviewed, she reasoned that the elections were already rigged. When the police went to her home in Florida, it was already empty. It was learned that Bannon rented it for her from 2013 to 2015. Bannon was the one paying for Clohesy’s house but he never lived in any of them.

Clohesy continued to make scenes and scandals. In March of 2017, several of her neighbors called the police to report some disturbance at her house. Apparently, Clohesy herself called the police to report a break-in and to report that her gun was stolen from her home. An eyewitness confirmed the news reports to a newspaper. It certainly did not paint a pretty picture of Clohesy.

As Bannon becomes a force to be reckoned with in politics, his net worth of USD 48 million will continue to grow. While Clohesy’s net worth is unknown, she continues to receive financial support from Bannon.