‘Devastated’ The Apprentice’s Jenna Whittingham Slams ‘Two Faced’ Stephen Brady

The latest Apprentice reject, Jenna Whittingham has slammed her former fellow candidate as “two faced”.

Having lost this week’s task to create a new image for English sparking wine, Jenna found herself being nominated to sit opposite Lord Alan Sugar and argue her case against project manager Ricky Martin and Stephen Brady, when the video she directed was branded “a load of rubbish” by the business mogul.

Despite trying to convince Lord Sugar that she should be allowed to stay in the competition, viewers saw Jenna get the axe when Stephen promised Lord Sugar that he would claim victory with the next task.

Speaking after her axe, The Sun reports Jenna saying: “Stephen has got the gift of the gab. I think he’s very clever in the boardroom the way he talks and tries to pass the blame.

“Stephen says one thing in the boardroom and one thing out of the boardroom. He did think quicker than me. He was two-faced.”

Admitting that she was “devastated” when she was fired by Lord Sugar, Jenna added: “I kept myself together for Lord Sugar and the cameras but cried afterwards. I was proper devastated. I didn’t think I was getting fired because, after I gave quite a good profile of why I should stay, I actually thought Stephen was going. So it was a massive shock.

“You are in a bubble and you don’t have any contact with the outside world. So you don’t get a lot of sleep and it was very full-on. I was genuinely shocked, exhausted and tired.”