Denzel Washington Slams Movie Studios That Just Want ‘Twilight 4’

Hollywood heavyweight Denzel Washington has hit out at the film industry, attacking studios for focusing on franchises like ‘Twilight’.

The Oscar-winning actor attacks the major studios for focusing on money-making sequels and not paying attention to smaller films. Speaking to today’s Metro the ‘Safe House’ actor argues that the industry has changed dramatically over the course of his career:

“Studios are now owned by big corporations, so all the decisions are made in a completely different way. The big studios are more interested in their big tent pole movies and farm out the rest of it and take distribution deals.”

Denzel went on to say that “you can’t rely on studios” to find worthwhile work. He makes reference to new project ‘Flight’, due to be released later this year, which he made on “one-tenth” on his usual salary. The film, which cost $30 million to make, would have got $70million in production costs from the studio five years ago according to the actor.

But he thinks the studios are now more focused on money-making sequels:

“Now they’re looking for Mission Impossible 6 or Twilight 4. Studios will take the credit for smaller movies if they get Oscars but I get it, we’re in tough economic times. If I loan someone $50million, I want my money back, I don’t want to hear ‘We blew it but had a nice time making the movie.’”