Demi Moore & Alex Pettyfer Have Been Hooking Up?

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We all know Demi Moore has a liking for the younger guys but new reports suggest that 51-year-old Demi has been seen flirting up a storm with 23-year-old Alex Pettyfer, which also proves the theory that a room can hold an infinite amount of narcissism without destabilizing if the rumors are true. Demi was seen wearing a “bizarre white romper” (sounds right) at a Hollywood club party and she quickly found that she had a new admirer in Alex, who picked her up and danced with her rather openly:

“It was like they were long lost lovers, Alex actually picked Demi up off the ground and swung her around, and then he kept both arms wrapped around her waist as they caught up.”

Later on in the evening, the pair moved to a table where they were seen flirting further and Demi was doing her best to show off her curves (eh?) by sitting in a weird way which flaunted them – yep, apparently so. A source said:

“He looked her up and down for a second, but then it was right back to Demi—and, she was totally working it. She leaned on the table with her elbows and bent at the waist so her curves were on full display. And fair play to Demi, she looked absolutely stunning.”

Photo: PRPhotos