Demi Lovato’s Drug Addiction Began From Age 12

The former Disney star has been candid about her struggles with drug addiction and an eating disorder, and now she has elaborated on how she first got in to taking drugs. Demi says it all began with painkillers after she was in a car accident and she liked how the painkillers made her feel at the time, so she began battling addiction as easily as that. Demi explained:

“That was how the substance abuse started. I liked the feeling they gave me – they sort of numbed everything – and I also liked the sneakiness of taking extra pills out of my mom’s bag without her knowing.”

Demi previously commented that she used to be addicted to cocaine, and would even take the drug on planes where it was very likely she could have been caught. She said about the illegal drug:

“I would smuggle it on and just wait until everyone in first class was asleep and then I would sneak to the bathroom.”

The singer and actress also is happy about how candid she has been on the subject of her struggles, saying that being so open has helped her overcome her problems:

‘When you are no longer hiding anything, you don’t worry about what is going to get out. I don’t care who knows about my life, and now that I am an open book a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.’