Death Stare! Taylor Swift Gives The ‘Mean Face’ As She Loses Golden Globe To Adele

Celebrities are meant to be experts in masking their disappointment when losing out at an award ceremony but Taylor Swift, who has more gongs than most, isn’t as experienced as others and appeared to be almost snarling at Adele as she picked up the Golden Globe for Best Original Song ahead of the ‘Knew You Were Trouble’ actress.

Both chart topping singers were up for the award, with Adele’s track ‘Skyfall’ for the latest James Bond movie, beating Swift’s ‘Safe & Sound’ from ‘The Hunger Games’.

While an over-joyed Adele high-fived with 007 himself, Daniel Craig before picking up her gong, the 22 year-old appeared to be unable to mask her annoyance,when the camera cut to the other nominees, and seemed to visibly scoff during the acceptance speech before forcing a smile of disbelief.

Her face, wasn’t missed by viewers, with Twitter exploding with comments about the Red singer. One user wrote: “@SophieFearnley Lol Taylor Swift with a face like a slapped arse when Adele was being all hilarious after winning her Golden Globe.”

While another added: “@RyanJL While I loved Adele’s Golden Globes acceptance speech, it was all about Taylor Swift’s face during it! Hilarious.”

The face has since become an internet sensation with spoofs and comparison to US gymnast McKayla Maroney who famously scowled while accepting her silver medal at the London 2012 Olympics behind fellow countryman Gabby Douglas.

As well as losing out to Adele, Swift was also the source of humour for hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poeher, who used the singer’s colourful love life as material in one of their sketches.

After her seemingly never ending string of celebrity romances, Fey jokingly warned the singer: “You know what Taylor Swift? You stay away from Michael J. Fox’s son,”

With Poeher joining in, saying: “Or go for it,”

To which Fey replied: “No! She needs some ‘me’ time to learn about herself.”

Fox’s son was helping acts on and off the stage, and as a guy in his early 20s is right in Swift’s target range. Cue lots of laughter for the crowds, but not much from Taylor, who might stay home next year!