Dean McDermott Declares His Life ‘Means Nothing’ Without Tori Spelling Following Claims She Wants To ‘Completely Humiliate Him’

Tori Spelling’s husband Dean McDermott will be seen declaring that he can’t live his life without her in an episode of their reality TV show, True Tori.

Having gone to rehab for sex addiction, the show will document the couple’s life following Dean’s exit from the treatment facility and in one episode, a remorseful Dean will be seen telling Tori: “My life means nothing if you’re not in it.”

However, according to sources, Tori is still upset and angry over Dean’s actions and as a result decided to open her doors to TV cameras. An insider alleged to People magazine:

“The decision to do this show is not coming from someone who is in a solid, good place. Tori is very, very upset and angry. It’s just too raw and personal. There’s too much pain and it’s too private.

“A part of her wants to completely humiliate him and make him suffer in front of millions of people. She wants to have some sort of justice. She wants him to truly feel the pain of what he did to her.”

Dean and Tori during happier times in July last year (WENN)

The source went on to add: “She’s in a total crisis mode. If she can believe that his addiction has nothing to do with her, then maybe they can move on.”

Claiming that Dean will do anything to get back on track with Tori, the insider said: “Dean will do anything Tori says right now. And what better way to ensure that he will never cheat on her after this? I don’t think he’d ever want to go through this again.”

Whilst there may be sources claiming to know what is going on with Tori and Dean, the former 90210 actress opened up about her feelings to US Weekly, telling the publication:

“He was my soulmate, but he completely broke my heart. It makes you not trust anything that’s happened in your relationship.”

She went on to add: “I feel so judged, but it’s not black and white.”