David Walliams Opens Up About Suicide Attempts: ‘I Didn’t Want To Live’

Comedian David Walliams has confessed that he tried to end his life several times as he battled with depression, claiming “wanting to die has always been in me”.

The Little Britain star, documented his struggles in new autobiography ‘Camp David’, serialised in The Sun, claiming his first suicide attempt was at the age of 12 due to bullying at Sea Scouts Camp because he was “too tall”.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge writes openly in the book about his struggles as an adult with suicide. Referring to an attempted overdose age 18 on painkillers and trying to cut his wrists with a kitchen knife on New Years Day in 2003.

Later in the same year, Walliams claims he tried to hang himself following a break up, including a diary entry from the time, claiming he “didn’t want to live.”

“Just tried to hang myself. But I knew I didn’t really want to die, I just didn’t want to live. I took my weight with my feet and sat down,” the entry.

“Earlier I had come close to stepping in front of a train. I am in total despair.”

Previously extracts from the book documented the comedian’s treatment for depression at the Priory shortly after the break up, following a breakdown while he filmed comedy show Cruise of the Gods.

“I was shaking. It was like I was having a nervous breakdown or going mad or both.”

The star soon found fame with Little Britain and has since married Calvin Klein model Lara Stone.

His autobiography is out on October 11.

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