David S. Goyer Talks Plans For Man Of Steel Sequel: ‘I’m Under Lock And Key’

David S. Goyer has revealed that the Superman: Man of Steel sequel is going to depend on how the new movie, with Henry Cavill as the man in tights, performs at the box office, but the screenwriter does admit that they are already discussing ideas for a follow-up.

At last night’s premiere in London, Goyer, who is reportedly on a contract for the next movie, reveals that the team are talking about the next movie, but it will all boil down to the cash taken at the worldwide box office before they will get the green light.

Talking to Bang Showbiz at the European premiere that was hosted in London’s Leicester Square, he said: “I’m under lock and key, but it would be disingenuous to say we didn’t [have ideas].”

Earlier this week it was reported that movie studio Warner Bros. had already got the Goyer working on the rebooted Superman sequel, as well as much-discussed Justice League flick – this would be an Avengers-style effort – uniting several superheroes including Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Goyer said: “A lot is going to depend on this weekend and next weekend. We certainly are hoping for a sequel.”

The screenwriter was also behind Christopher Nolan’s final instalment of his Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, but he says that Superman is a “much harder character to crack”.

“Batman is human; if you had enough money, enough training, you could become Batman,” he explained. “No one can become Superman. He’s an alien and he’s got virtually no vulnerabilities. He’s harder to identify with and that was the biggest challenge; trying to humanize someone who is inhuman.”

Goyer continued: “Also, he’s become a little bit corny, a little clichéd, so we needed to give him a little gravitas back so that’s why we got rid of the red underwear and the spit-curl [hairstyle]. He’s not the big blue Boy Scout. He’s still a hero, but he’s a hero for the 21st Century.”

Zack Snyer’s Man of Steel will open in cinemas in the UK on Friday (June 16), and sees British hunk Henry Cavill take on the iconic role, while Oscar-nominated actress Amy Adam plays Lois Lane. Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner and Michael Shannon also star.