David Beckham To Become A Housewife?

The perfect partnerships are all about compromise – so it’s not surprising that as Victoria Beckham decides to focus on her fashion career in New York, David Beckham will be spending more time at home with the kids.

An insider explained to Heat Magazine that although the Beckhams currently live in LA, it makes sense for them to relocate to the East Coast.

“Victoria has really started to take over the reins as the main breadwinner in the family. A move to New York would mean David leaving LA Galaxy, so he could become a house husband, spending more time running the home day to day.

“David is happy for Victoria to free up some of her domestic duties so that she can source new markets and material. There’s no escaping the fact that what started out as a hobby has turned into a hugely lucrative career and David is proud of her,” the source revealed.

Apparently David already takes responsibility for a lot of family plans. The insider added “David loves shopping for the family, as well as buying stuff for the kids. He also organises their play dates.”

There’s nothing hotter than a man about the house – and we think David will make a great househusband. We’re excited to see how Victoria’s range develops too!