David Beckham Offered Villain Role in New Movie?


He may be retired as a soccer star, but David Beckham’s career isn’t over yet. He recently launched his ‘Classic’ fragrance for men and according to reports, he may even be branching out to acting now that he has some spare time on his hands. David has reportedly been offered the part of a villain in an upcoming film. The movie in question is ‘The Secret Service’ and director Matthew Vaughn thinks he would be great for the part, while Colin Firth, who also stars in the film, is also hoping David will join the cast. A source commented:

”Becks was asked by Colin Firth if he’d like to be in the movie but he is yet to fully commit. He loves movies and fancies appearing on the big screen — but just as a one-off, not a full-time career.”

Victoria has encouraging words for David’s possible acting career, commenting that she even thinks he could tackle the role of James Bond successfully:

”I think he would be really good at acting. He’d be a great James Bond.”