David And Victoria Beckham ‘To Hold Charity Auction Of Beckingham Palace Items’

They recently sold their Hertfordshire mansion to relocate their family to London – but Victoria and David Beckham were at a loss over what to do with their furniture…until she apparently had the bright idea of selling off all their unwanted items to raise money for charity.

The celebrity couple recently sold their house – dubbed Beckingham Palace – which they bought for £2.5million in 1999.

David and Victoria Beckham will sell off unwanted items from Beckingham Palace for charity (WENN)

Posh and Becks bought a £45million four-storey townhouse in London and have already had some of their things delivered to their new home after reportedly signing the contract last Friday.

But not everything from the Herts home will fit in their new one.

So they will sell off whatever they don’t want or need from the Grade II listed building, real name Rowneybury House.

A source told the Daily Mirror: “After deciding to sell Beckingham Palace, David and Victoria realised there was no way they could fit all their belongings into one, smaller pad.

“They have shipped a few treasured items to California and given some things to their families, but there is still loads left.”

The couple have sold their Herts mansion – dubbed Beckingham Palace – and are relocating to London (WENN)

The source added Victoria had the “brilliant idea” of holding a huge auction at Beckingham Palace to sell off everything else and give the money to charity.

“The house has been the scene of many fund-raising dos – the World Cup party, her ‘full length & fabulous’ ball, children’s tea parties and so forth – so why not host a farewell auction there too?

“There will be some amazing stuff for sale so she hopes to raise thousands.”

The lots will reportedly include kitchen items, household appliances and some of their designer clothes.

And – wait for it – the couple are also believed to be auctioning off the famous gold thrones that featured in their 1999 wedding ceremony.

Wonder how much they’ll cost?

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