Daniel Radcliffe on Gay Rumors, Nude Roles & Going Incognito

The ‘Harry Potter’ star insists he doesn’t mind getting naked, but he isn’t trying to do it all of the time either:

“I don’t mind it, but I’d like to make clear it’s not a request. I’m not sat there reading scripts thinking, how can I get my d–k out in this one?”

He admits that he often goes incognito, especially as music festivals, and he just wears masks to hide from the crowds so he can have fun without the pressure:

“I wore a gas mask for [one] most of the time. I was with Rupert Grint and we really didn’t want to be recognised.”

When asked if gay rumors are a sign he’s “made it”, he comments that it might be, but he tries to avoid gossip because it’s so much negativity and it was something he previously used to do, but he noticed how destructive it was for him:

“Probably. If people are speculating about your sexuality, then you’re doing OK. It f—s you up. You shouldn’t be on [Google] if you’re an actor. There’s a line in The Thick Of It – Googling yourself is like opening the door to a room full of people telling you how sh-t you are – and it’s exactly that. I first did it in my late teens and it was such a destructive thing for me to do.”