Daniel Radcliffe on Earning His Place in Hollywood & His Happy Childhood


Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe may have achieved a high level of fame and earned an incredible amount of money before he even celebrated his twentieth birthday, but the actor has revealed that it left him feeling unsatisfied because he felt he hasn’t earned his place in Hollywood yet. He thought people believed it just landed in his lap, and so he has set about proving that he’s worth the roles he is given. He commented that it was all a part of being a child-star:

“I have a massive chip on my shoulder. When you fall into something at age 11 and get paid incredible amounts of money for your entire teenage years for doing a job anyone would want, there is a part of you that thinks everybody is just saying, ‘He got there because he fell into it; he’s not really an actor.’ I feel it less nowadays. It has taken a long time to feel like I’ve earned the place that I’m at.”

Unlike other child-stars who often feel as thought they’ve missed out on a normal happy childhood, Daniel doesn’t feel as though he was lacking anything and has very fond memories of his younger years now that he’s looking back:

“I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m missing. No, I’ve . . . I can’t sit around thinking of all the things I’ve. . . . Because actually, no, it was an amazing childhood! People always ask if I missed out on childhood — actually, kids who are abused, that’s a missed childhood, those kids have stuff taken away.”

Daniel adds that he has worried about life after ‘Harry Potter’ and regularly felt he wouldn’t be successful after the film franchise ended:

“I’d done ‘Equus,’ which had gone so well, but I still couldn’t get rid of that committee of voices in my head saying that you’re going to fail. I think there was a part in the back of my head that was going: This is all going to end. And you’re going to be left in this nice apartment. Just living here. And being reminded of what you did in your teenage years for the rest of your life.” David Thewlis, who played Professor Lupin in the Potter films, once said that even when Radcliffe was young he would “joke that he’d be in rehab by the time he was 18, and by 27 he’d be hosting a game show called ‘It’s Wizards!’”