Daniel Radcliffe Left Speechless Over Katy Perry Crush: ‘Mentally I’m Very Close To Her’

Daniel Radcliffe may be one of the biggest actors out there, but it seems like the star is just like any other red-blooded male in many ways, as he gushed over his crush Katy Perry in a recent interview.

The Harry Potter star confessed to having a major crush on the stunning brunette last year, but admitted that he blew his chance to get to know her when he recently found himself across the room from her at an event.

He tells MTV: “Mentally I am very close to Katy Perry… I’ve been in a room with her since (I admitted the crush) and I couldn’t say (anything).”

He continued: “I was across a room from her and I was like ‘I can’t. I can’t even say anything (to) you (because you have) probably seen an interview with me (and) you know these thoughts are in my head. I can’t even look at you’.”

Daniel Radcliffe has opened up about his crush on Katy Perry (Photo: WENN)

Daniel also spoke out about starring in the upcoming Fifty Shades Of Grey movie, recalling a conversation that he had following the announcement of the cast for the upcoming movie adaptation of EL James’ kinky book in a chat with MTV.

“I literally had someone say to me for the first time today, ‘The world’s in uproar you’re not playing Christian Grey.’ And I’m like ‘If this is uproar, it’s inaudible.’,” Radcliffe revealed, while talking to the publication at the recent Toronto International Film Festival.

“I think there was approximately no people wanting me to play Christian Grey, including myself.”

Radcliffe, who was promoting his two new movies Horns and Kill My Darlings, continued: “I have to say, no offense to anybody, I’m sure they’re going to do a great job on the movie, but it’s not something that I think of would have been a good next step for me.”