Daniel Radcliffe is Looking Forward to Everyone Forgetting About Harry Potter

The ‘Harry Potter’ star wants us all to forget he was the star of Harry Potter. Not happening any time soon Daniel! He commented that he is looking forward to releasing a film that isn’t labeled as his move away from the big film franchise:

”I’m looking forward to the day where I can release a film and it not be talked about in that way.”

Doing his best to move on from the huge role, Daniel is working on as many different kind of films as possible to shake off the famous character and show his range:

”There is no one film that fully separates me, in the eyes of everyone else, from Harry Potter – that isn’t going to happen. It’s about building up as diverse and interesting a body of work as I can.”

Daniel gives the most random interviews ever (really, he does, they’re great) and commented that he’s currently learning Japanese which he is finding interesting:

“I just started learning Japanese. It’s super hard, but fascinating.” My favourite word so far is tokidoki [which means sometimes] — it sounds like ‘okeydokey.’ “