DANIEL NEGREANU is a real superstar and one of the well-known poker players in the world. This poker player, who boast in celebrity friends like Tobey Maguire, is  famous for his incredible ability to read players and his many wins and notable titles. His place in the official Poker Hall of Fame is a true testament to his poker skills and achievements. And furthermore, it is necessary to notice that thanks to his talent, a stable and brilliant economic situation has been guaranteed. Daniel Negreanus’ net worth is around  $60 million.  

Were you wondering how a colorful, big-voiced Canadian became the huge poker player of all time?

This is the story of Daniel Negreanu.


Daniel Negreanu is a professional Canadian Texas Hold ’em poker player.

His unique style of playing, and flair for reading opponents, have given him 2 World Poker Tour titles and 6 World Series of Poker bracelets (among other wins). He was also named The World Series of Poker – Player twice.

Daniel currently holds third place in all-time poker earnings. His total live revenues are presently at a whopping $ 42.053,305.


Daniel Negreanu’s parents moved to Toronto, Canada, from Romania seven years before Daniels’s birth on July 26, 1974. They wished for a better future.

At the age of four, Negreanu was hooked on The American Dream. He wanted to become rich. He is called ‘bad-mannered’ in school, and as the years went by, Daniel went to college; he was various credits short of graduating. He was failing.

But at the age of 15, he learned to play poker.

His funny wit, cherished persona, and unrivaled skill of reading players have influenced the poker scene like a few others. Negreanu has appeared on numerous live transmitted poker events and speaks freely about everything within the range of poker. He has even seen movies and made series and books about the way to play and become a poker winner.

By age 16, he was previously ‘a regular’ at the local pool tables, and at one point, he had the idea of being a professional snooker player. In the end, though, his affection for poker won, and Negreanu eventually dropped out of high school and started pursuing a career in poker.

He started as a rounder – An professional player who travels to seek out high-stakes games – appearing at Casino Country and Funtime. He’s even been reputed to sniff out illegal games.

Daniel began working on his image and bankroll throughout his early twenties and headed to Las Vegas when he was 21. Things didn’t go as thought, and he lost more than he could afford.

He moved back to Toronto and started rebuilding his bankroll.

His Achievements

In 1998 he made his first breakthrough by entering a $2,000 WSOP Pot Limit Omaha tournament, where he managed the outlast 228 players to seize his first six-figure win and first WSOP bracelet.

He was only 23 and looked significantly younger, so people called him Kid Poker.

From this point on, there was no turning back for young Negreanu.   After a few months, Negreanu won a California tournament, earning above $40,000. The number may not seem all that impressive, but the game had a buy-in of just $300, which was an ample opportunity for the rising star.

Over the next few years, Negreanu kept on crumbling. His rise through the ranks of the poker elite took little time, but Daniel devoted himself to succeeding in love with the game.

The Canadian wasn’t a one-trick pony, taking up poker professionally long before the Moneymaker boom.

He was (and still is) quite good at many different variations besides Texas Hold ’em. This is invaluable, not only on the tournament circuit but also in the high stakes cash games in Las Vegas later on, which often featured mixed game format.