Daniel Craig Confesses To Sleeping Underwater While Filming ‘Skyfall’

Most humans can barely open their eyes underwater, let alone sleep there without drowning, but ‘Skyfall’ star Daniel Craig has revealed that sleeping below the water was one of his “favourite bits”, while filming the new movie. Well, he is James Bond.

The British star discussed the upcoming movie with Wenn, where he revealed that he had to film some underwater scenes, and between takes he would let himself sink to the bottom of the huge water tanks to chill out.

According to the site. Craig is a keen scuba diver, and rather than panic beneath the surface, the 007 star was so relaxed he could actually catch 40 winks.

“It’s my favourite bit because no one can find you. I spent most of my time underwater. When we’re not shooting I swim to the bottom of the huge tanks at Pinewood (Studios), which are 30 feet deep. I just sink to the bottom, put the respirator on and hide,” he said.

“It’s so great and sometimes I fall asleep as well and get some sleep down there. It’s wonderful being in the water… And then you hear, ‘Where’s Daniel?'”

Can he get any cooler?

Watch the ‘Skyfall’ trailer here:


Who is excited about ‘Skyfall’, yes… that would be us…

 Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva PHOTO: Sony Pictures