Dame Judi Dench Rumoured To Star In New Star Wars: Episode VII

Legendary British actress is rumoured to star in Episode VII.

There’s nothing like another Star Wars casting rumour to get everyone talking about the highly anticipated film. This time it’s Dame Judi Dench’s name being bandied around, and if you know your Star Wars films, not for any character you’re likely to think of.

Ever since ‘Star Wars VII’ was first announced, we’ve heard plenty of big names supposedly heading to the galaxy far, far away. But none have been quite as surprising as one of our greatest national treasure.

Judi is rumoured to play none other than Mon Mothma. According to a report from Big Shiny Robot, the legendary British actress is up to play the rebel leader who helped orchestrate the attack against the second Death Star.

“This came out in the same batch of news that brought us names like Benedict Cumberbatch,” they said. “And, to be honest, it’s my view that just about everyone is being talked to for a role in this film. But the name is: Judi Dench. Playing Mon Mothma.”

Big Shiny Robot reports do tally with a recent rumour Latino Review have been talking about on Twitter.

Yesterday El Mayimbe of the Latino Review tweeted: “HINT: A nominee currently on the awards circuit (including tonight) is up for a major role in STAR WARS EPISODE VII. Who can it be? RT :)”


Of course, we won’t find out if it’s merely a rumour until confirmed by Disney or Lucasfilm, but it’s certainly an exciting prospect.

If Judi’s role as M in the James Bond franchise is anything to go by, she’ll make her rumoured role as Mon Mothma her own.