Dakota Johnson ‘Sad’ To Lose Charlie Hunnam From Fifty Shades Of Grey

Dakota Johnson is apparently “sad” after hearing that Charlie Hunnam will no longer star opposite her in the upcoming Fifty Shades Of Grey adaptation.

Sons Of Anarchy star Hunnam backed out over the weekend, apparently over scheduling conflicts – although it has since been rumoured that he simply got “cold feet” over taking on such a high-profile role.

Speaking to HollywoodLife, a source has claimed that Dakota is excited to meet Charlie’s replacement, despite being disappointed to lose him.

“For Dakota, she was sad that Charlie had to back out but she is very excited to see who will take the role,” a source said. ”She is in constant contact with producers and the studio and she is very willing to help out in any way and is looking forward to do readings with everyone who is available for the role.

“She is taking things well since she is still a part of the film.”

Even though she seemingly has concerns about having chemistry with Hunnam’s successor, she needn’t worry, according to the insider.

Charlie Hunnam is out of the picture (pr)

“Dakota earned the role and she shouldn’t be worried right now,” they said. “The only time she will have to worry, if at all, is if they hire someone that has no chemistry with her.

“But they are casting the actor with her in mind.”

Robert Pattinson is thought to be a no, but fans are desperate to have Matt Bomer sign on the dotted line.

Who will replace Charlie Hunnam?

 Chris Pine (Photo: WENN)

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