Cristian de la Fuente Suffers Muscle Cramp During DWTS Performance

Dancing With The Stars Cristian de la Fuente had to stop during his second dance of the night last night, The Samba, after pulling a muscle in his arm.  In the video you can see his arm start to bother him, then after his partner Cheryl Burke fell back into his arms he just couldn’t continue.

Burke is now “concerned” her DWTS partner, who was hospitalized after suffering the injury, will be voted off.   The judges said they could only judge until the moment he was injured. Judges gave the couple straight 7’s

“He doesn’t deserve to be — he has been working hard.  I mean, what can you do?” Burke said of the idea of the Chilean soap star being sent home. “If they want to give us a 3, it doesn’t matter — it’s up to the voters.

“If he can’t come back then I will not continue. There is nothing I can do — he is my second half.”

She added everything was going “great” Monday night as they performed their routine,

“until I fell back onto his arms, and I heard it crack or snap. I thought it was my dress.  He is in a lot of pain,” she added. “I think its more than a muscle cramp because he is not the type who would be giving up like that so easily.”

I missed the show last night, it will be interesting to see what happens tonight on the results show.