Crazy Busy Ansel Elgort Jets Straight From Toronto To Atlanta To Finish Insurgent…And He Still Looks Amazing

Ansel Elgort has had a crazy 2014, scoring his breakout role as Augustus In The Fault in Our Stars, teaming up with Shailene Woodley again in Divergent and now he’s busy promoting his latest drama Men, Women & Children.

After a couple of days at the Toronto International Film Festival, where Men, Women & Children got a red carpet screening, it was straight back to work for Ansel this week as he was spotted jetting into Atlanta to finish up shooting on the Divergent sequel, Insurgent.

While the rest of the cast celebrated at the wrap party over the weekend, it sounds like Ansel has to put the finishing touches to his character Caleb. Talking to Teen Vogue in Toronto, Ansel revealed just how crazy his schedule has been this year:

“I finished TFIOS in October 2013 and then I had about a month off and went right into filming Men, Women & Children,” he explains. “From there, I went into Divergent press and that movie came out in March. And then once that came out, I went into TFIOS press, and then I was in the middle of doing Insurgent as TFIOS was coming out. I’m finishing up Insurgent tomorrow for two days in Atlanta. They changed the location from Chicago to Atlanta.”

Ansel leaves Toronto for Atlanta (FameFlynet)

While it might be a pretty lonely few days for Ansel as he finishes up on the Insurgent set, Ansel admitted in the interview that he had a completely different experience on the set of the star-studded Men, Women & Children which also features Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner, Judy Greer and Kaitlyn Dever.

“We all have mutual respect for each other, which is nice. We all lived in the Marriott and we were all friends and hung out every day. There was no status thing whereas sometimes—and I’m not saying that in a movie like Insurgent there was a status thing—but a lot of the actors were established and had a lot of stuff they had to do. Shailene works every day and Theo James as well, so the kids don’t hang out on set…they can’t,” he admits.  “Here it was an ensemble movie and a lot of days the people weren’t working, but a lot of us didn’t have money to fly home so we all just stayed in Texas. Some people had two weeks off, but they’d be like ‘I’m staying here because I can’t fly home. We went go-karting, rock climbing, played laser tag. We’d just go and be around a neighborhood. We went to yoga all the time.”

The actor has had a hugely successful year (FameFlynet)

The movie weaves together different tales of how the internet has affected parents and their children, with Ansel playing a one-time star football player who quits his sport to play a videogame. And the concept of technology taking over has weaved its way into the actor’s own life since he wrapped the movie.

“Tomorrow I’m going to Atlanta again and doing Insurgent. Then I go back to New York and I’m actually going to turn my phone off for the week to chill out a little bit. It’s addictive. Your brain shouldn’t check out all the time like that…Just imagine being on a couch and just thinking. I think that’s important for your mind.” Wise words Ansel.