Courtney Stodden Is the New Face of PETA, Suggestively Eats a Veggie Dog


PETA, always desperate to raise some attention in any way possible, have enlisted Courtney Stodden to be their new face. Well, when the Kardashians aren’t free, what other cheap/tacky celebrity can you turn to? Courtney, who doesn’t actually have a particular career title (model? doesn’t seem too fitting), was spotted suggestively throwing veggie dogs down her throat in a bid to raise awareness (mostly because she was paid to do that though). She even wore a sign that read “Get Fit, Go Veg!” while handing out veggie dogs on the street and wearing a very sexy looking lettuce bikini.

Taking to twitter to talk about her new role as the face of PETA, Courtney wrote that she is honored to be a part of the group and spread awareness (and bad hygiene practice – don’t try a lettuce bikini at home):

Had so much fun at @peta’s Veggie Dog Giveaway event today. Honored to be apart of the fam & to spread awareness. #LettuceLady @pinkshotdogs