Could Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart’s Reunion Make ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ A Record Breaker?

When photos emerged of Kristen Stewart in a steamy clinch with director Rupert Sanders, we’d assume that the palms of those behind the release of ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ were heading towards their faces faster than you can say “momentary indiscretion”.

Then when it emerged that Rob had dumped K-Stew and fans across the globe begun taking sides, expressing their fury, or just airing their heartbreak it must’ve been out right panic, would fans desert the franchise in protest? How would the pair cope on the promotional tour? How could anything ever be the same again?

Now that everyone has calmed down and it seems the couple are back together for real, perhaps the film’s got the best of both worlds. Not only have thousands of column inches been written about the couple and by proxy, the movie. But its stars have overcome their relationship troubles and now it seems likely that the pair will be all smiles on the red carpet come the film’s premiere in November.

Entertainment Tonight has published photographs of the couple at the Ye Rustic Inn in LA, with an eye-witness stating that they partied for four hours with friends, and amid other stories reporting the couple’s reconciliation, it seems that the couple are back for good.

This isn’t just good news for Rob and Kristen fans; profits have rocketed for the vampire series since the original ‘Twilight’ which took $392m. Previous movie ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ made $705m.

And with the frenzy around the couple, with those who’d never bothered with the films before now knowing the intricacies of their relationship, new fans could be attracted to the series, pushing it over the previous top ‘Twilight’ movie ‘New Moon’, at $709m. Summit, the films studio will also hope that like Harry Potter, the fact that it is the finale will also boost box-office figures.

Certainly any red carpet reconciliation will now be a global media event, hitting front pages and news bulletins rather than just the showbiz columns, generating a huge amounts of free publicity. Even before the reconciliation,‘s long range forecast pegged the movie at taking an estimated $150m in America on its opening weekend.

Plus, if we’re not in cynical mode for just a minute, it is rather a touching story of love lost and regained, made complete by the couple’s return as Edward and Bella in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’, and it’s not just Twi-hards who love a story of love rescued from turning sour.

So despite it initially seeming like a disaster for ‘Twilight’, Rob and Kristen may not be the only ones for whom everything ends happily ever after.