Corey Feldman: ‘I Was Not Abused By Michael Jackson’ – Video –

Corey Feldman has denied suggestions he was molested by Michael Jackson as a child, following his and Corey Haim’s shocking abuse revelations on their reality TV show.

During an argument in the new series of The Two Coreys, the former 80s child stars allege that they were both victims of sexual abuse.

Haim claims that he was raped by a friend of Feldman’s at age 14, then Feldman admits that he too was abused by “someone.”

Contrary to speculation, Feldman insists in a new interview that this ‘someone’ is NOT Michael Jackson.

He says in the July issue of GQ, “People can say whatever they want, but it wasn’t Michael. He and I have our own issues, but that wasn’t one of them. The bottom line is, I know who it was. I didn’t know how to cut him off. Not only did I continue being friends with the guy, but he was working for me. The guy that did this to me was my assistant.

“He would come in when I was sleeping. I would wake up and I would know what was going on, but I would just try to ignore it and hope that he would go away, which is how kids who aren’t ready to deal with something deal with it. I was still a virgin at the time. I hadn’t even had sex with a girl. So for me it was just kind of bewildering. “

What the shocking allegations tumble forth below.