Convert mp3 files to text with these awesome applications

Translating mp3 files to text is known as transcription and takes spoken word and turns it into text. Transcription tools come in all shapes and sizes. For example: There are standalone apps, browser add-ons and web apps. Transcription apps provide accurate transcriptions of audio files. Even if you are not a journalist or a writer, everyone can use these tools at some point.

Voice recognition came along to help transcription, but it is not perfect. Quality applications, such as Amberscript, Transcribo or Scribie provide great transcriptions, but it is often necessary to check and correct the transcript afterwards. This is especially the case when the audio is very silent, and the speakers are indistinguishable from each other. It’s often necessary to relisten and correct mistakes to get a perfect result but mp3 to text converters give you a great base to start.

Transcription tools work with voice recognition AI but have the ability to filter out background noise and pick up different levels of audio. In most cases they do a better job than voice recognition software and are often cheaper. For the purposes of this article, we’ll discuss 5 great applictations you can use.


The Dutch based company AmberScript is an elegant and professional audio and video transcription application that lets anyone convert audio or video to text with ease. The application has multi-ligula support and provides multiple types of transcription services. With AmberScript, it is easy to transform audio and video files to text and subtitles courtesy of the artificial intelligence in place. The software is a good resource to have either to delivering a perfect text, receiving the daily transcript, and making improvements.

Scribie Audio Transcription

Scribie Audio Transcription is professional application that will let you generate text from audio and video in a matter of no time. The application comes with the support to generate transcription text in various formats, including Microsoft Word, JSON, and more. Scribie Audio Transcription is creating an impact with the automated audio and video workflows having best in class editing and transcription, and there is a recording service as well.


Transcribo is web-based transcription application that automatically converts the audio file into a text document in more than 10 leading languages. It is specially designed for both personal and professional use and includes almost all the core services to make it one-stop automatic audio transcription application.


Trint is Artificial Intelligence-based transcription application that allows users to transcribe contents from audio and video files in just a few minutes. It is a comprehensive application that allows users to upload audio and video files in a range of formats using the drag and drop uploader. After uploading, it allows you to transcribed data using AI and automated speech recognition with support for several English accents that make it better than others. is an all-in-one transcription application that is created to help educational institutes and corporate businesses generate interviews, notes, and lectures through file transcription. The application comes as an alternative to Trint and offers almost all the core services with some new features to make it one of the best transcription applications for all sizes of businesses.