Controversial X Factor Hopeful Zoe Alexander Slams X Factor As ‘Bullies’

It appears that controversial X Factor hopeful Zoe Alexander isn’t content with just throwing a hissy fit and shouting expletives at judges because the hopeful who failed to impress Gary Barlow, Nicole Scherzinger, Tulisa Contostavlos and Louis Walsh, has now hit out at the show on her Facebook page.

Branding the show as “bullies”, and claiming that she was “misinterpreted” (hmm, throwing a hissy hit can’t really be misinterpreted) on the show  the 22 year-old posted on the social networking site:

“The X factor are Bullies! I was bullied for most of my childhood and I will not (and neither should anyone else) accept bullying on any level EVER again! The xfactor have started a bullying campaign against me and misrepresented me as a human being. Any young girls and boys out there who are thinking of applying for the show, I am warning you, Dont (sic) do it, they will manipulate, humiliate and destroy you if they so choose. They are destroying talent not promoting it. They are pure evil.”

Wow! A bit harsh no?

The hopeful, from Wales continued her rant alleging that the judges all looked down when she was getting upset with them.

The Pink tribute act added: “Nicole did not stand up and say ‘No baby no’ all four judges looked down at the table whilst this was all happening. when i threw the mic that was when I left the stage and that was at the end of my breakdown, I was stood at the back of the stage when I shouted and swore, not the front. then I left.”

As if those accusations weren’t enough, the hopeful went onto claim that she was autotuned during her audition.

“I have been watching my xfactor audition, as have other people and they have autotuned my voice and CGI’d the graphic. THAT IS NOT MY VOICE well admittedly it is my voice but they have autotuned it to my detriment. They also autotuned my talking voice”, she blasted.

“They even went as far as to change the backing tracks from the ones I had bought. I have many people already who have said the same thing. ‘Zoe that IS NOT your voice!’”

Defending the way hopefuls audition, executive producer of The X Factor, Richard Holloway said that every “act comes to the show with five songs prepared.”

He told Entertainmentwise: “All the contestants that go in front of the judges, they’re all spoken to by the production team as they have to get all the tracks to play so the conversation takes place between them and us about what they want to sing and they go through their choices and the final decision about what they are going to sing when they walk on the stage is theirs, 100% theirs.”

Referring to the comments made by Zoe, a spokesperson for the X Factor told us: “All the claims are completely without foundation.”

The spokesperson also dismissed Zoe’s claims of autotuning as “completely untrue as we don’t use autotune” and that the Judges comments “were shown exactly as they happened including Nicole standing up and saying ‘no baby no’.”

What do you think?