Conchita Wurst Doesn’t Want A Sex Change

Conchita Wurst caught the world’s attention at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with her powerful ballad and her bearded face.

The performance of Rise Like A Phoenix won the Austrian Conchita, whose real name is Thomas Neuwirth, the annual contest on May 10 and made her a “global gay icon,” according to The Guardian. It was the first win for Austria since 1966.

“It’s just unbelievable that nearly every gay human being knows who I am now – that’s overwhelming,” she told The Guardian.

Despite her appearance of long, brown hair paired with her soft beard, Conchita has no plans to have a sex change. She considers the difference between drag artists and transgender people a “serious topic.”

“Like everyone, you’re happy when you go home, take off your work clothes and relax. It’s a completely different level of relaxation or stress,” Conchita told The Guardian about becoming Tom again at the end of the day.

“I love to be a boy when the wig is off, so I really won’t change that.”

Conchita is working on a new album including up-tempo songs and ballads inspired by “mature voices” such as Shirley Bassey, Tina Turner and Cher. Rumors of touring with Lady Gaga and appearing on Celebrity Big Brother are not true. Instead, the drag artist has her sights set on winning a Grammy.

“People are like, ‘Woah, what the hell is she thinking?’ But I need big goals,” she said.

Like Lady Gaga, Conchita can express herself better on stage through her drag persona.

“It’s like Beyoncé maybe with Sasha Fierce or Lady Gaga and her costumes. I think most artists are very sensitive, shy and insecure. And I am too,” she said. She can also protect her private life as Tom by not taking pictures without her makeup on.

Conchita will present the award to next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, the 60th anniversary for the event.