Comic books that have been made into slots

Go onto any online gaming site and you’ll find a huge array of slots waiting for you. Generally aimed at an older audience, they cover a huge range of themes designed to appeal to a particular type of player. But one area that is always well represented is the world of the comic book hero.

This has a great deal to do with the popularity of the massive film franchises that now showcase the super heroes from Marvel Comics and other classic graphic novels. The logic’s easy to see. Each story features a number of characters who are easy to translate into being symbols on the reels and the dramatic action also lends itself to special effects like wilds and scatters. Similarly, characters are usually involved in battles of some kind – and where there are battles there are winners too.

Iron Man 2

There are a number of slots featuring him out there but one really stands out is Iron Man 2. It takes its inspiration both from the original comic book and from the film itself so as well as including scenes taken from it, the stars including Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson and Mickey Rourke also feature. The game’s format is a standard five reel three row configuration and there’s the chance to win up to ten free spins with an increasing multiplier.

The Incredible Hulk

Here’s a slots game that’s certainly not designed to make you angry, in fact quite the opposite. This is a five reel, fifty pay line game giving lots of opportunities to win, more than many other comic-themed games. You might not be roused to fury by the game but the mild-mannered Bruce Banner is and bonuses are earned when the Hulk destroys the police cars and helicopters are trying to stop him. An extra element of surprise is added as the actual cash prizes you’ve won are only revealed after the destruction has been completed.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight slots

The 2008 film of the same name was a massive global success that earned over $1 billion at the box office. Just like the film, and several of Frank Miller’s original graphic novels of the same name, The Dark Knight’s story follows the epic battle between Batman and the fiendish and funny Joker.

As you’d expect the Joker is the master of the unexpected so this particular slot is also full of surprises including wilds, free spins and a 5 times multiplier. And with five reels and no less than 243 ways to win it’s the talk of Gotham City

Fantastic Four

In the Fantastic Four Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch and the Thing are brought together to help you win a fantastic prize. The other to look out for is the Globe “scatter” symbol because when this comes up it can also activate frozen wilds and free spins and it’s all enacted with a suitably epic soundtrack.

So the films may not have been so enthusiastically received but this slot certainly has its followers.