Collabro joined by Lucy Kay for stunning London Palladium performance

A classical act winning Britain’s Got Talent is hardly a new thing, so we weren’t entirely sure how we felt about going to see Collabro at the London Palladium on a Sunday evening. However, from the moment that the five piece walked on stage, they kept the audience, us included, thoroughly engaged and at times slightly teary-eyed, from start to finish.

Michael, Richard, Jamie, Matt and Thomas may look like your average boyband, with them switching up their suit jackets and stools throughout the setlist, that lasted for just over an hour. However, unlike most five pieces who usually have a couple of strong vocal members of the band, whilst the rest of the group just look pretty, there’s no denying the fact that each and every member of this group have the vocal ability to outshine some of the biggest musicians out there right now.

Collabro perform at the London Palladium

Collabro take to the London Palladium stage (Entwise)

Collabro have set themselves aside from classical and pop bands that have emerged from talent shows like BGT, with them merging the two musical genres together to make their very own classical-pop crossover. Although their setlist is made up of covers – this seemed to go down incredibly well with the audience, with a variety of ages being amongst the crowd. The boys just seem to know what works, and they definitely have that core fanbase.

Favourites amongst the setlist included Frozen’s smash hit Let It Go, Say Something and Stars – which was the title track from their number one debut album, that actually knocked the one and only Ed Sheeran off of the top spot, back in August.

Collabro perform at the London Palladium

Band shot to fame on 2014’s Britain’s Got Talent (WENN)

We have to admit, when it came down to their on stage banter, that’s where the nerves set in, with the boys acting like they were literally reading from the autocue throughout the show. However, as soon as they started to sing, the dodgy chat was soon forgotten about, with them no doubt feeling extra pressure because their family and friends were in the audience. They also reminded everyone that that particular stage meant an incredible amount to them, because that’s where they performed in front of the royal family at last year’s Royal Variety Show, as part of their Britain’s Got Talent prize.

Lucy Kay, who came runner-up to Collabro in the BGT final last year, also joined the boys on stage and although they were competing with one another on the show, there were absolutely no competitive vibes whatsoever on stage, with them even singing Come What May, from Moulin Rouge, together towards the end of the show. The brunette, who looked and definitely sounded like a multi-million selling opera singer, managed to get a standing ovation of the crowd when she hit that high note in Nessun Dorma.

Lucy Jay joins Collabro on UK tour

Five piece were joined on stage by Lucy Kay (WENN)

Despite it being a gig, everything about last night’s show screamed theatrical performance and you could tell that with the amount of emotion that the five piece were putting into each and every single song, even the men in the crowd were welling up. They couldn’t thank the audience enough for their support and even though they didn’t have the gimmicks and pyrotechnics that a lot of stars distract their fans with nowadays, this is a band that are all about the voices, so they don’t need anything else.

One number one album down and many more to go, we think…????