Clevver News VIDEO: The Bachelor Finale’s 8 Most UNFORGETTABLE Moments

No more secret meetups, no more hiding their new romance, and definitely no more watching the entire show back together after the whole “I love you” to two women thing, because Ben and Lauren can officially move forward as an engaged couple together. The season premiere was quite the show, and in Chris Harrison’s words, “one of the most dramatic we’ve seen before” because Ben may or may not have put himself in quite the pickle after revealing that he was in love with both Lauren and Jojo, so of course Bachelor Nation was ready with the wine to watch this epic showdown.

The finale kicked off in Jamaica where Ben’s family flew in to meet the two remaining women and were well aware that he hadn’t exactly made up his mind. Lauren met the family first, when she and Ben’s parents instantly hit it off, she professes her love to their son, but something wasn’t quite sitting well with Mrs. Higgins…

Ben’s parents gave Ben their approval, however Ben and Lauren’s evening date brought us no new information, seeing that the only thing we learned was Lauren’s eagerness to marry Ben along with Ben’s ongoing indecisiveness.

Next it was Jojo’s turn to meet the parents, and boy does this girl know how to swoon not only Ben, but his entire family annnnd all of America. Let’s just say, if Jojo’s mom could, she would also break the rules and confess her dying love for Ben’s second suitor.

Jojo followed the similar trend and also revealed that she’d marry Ben in a heartbeat, and it probably hit him that he needed to make up his mind like yesterday. But then came the final one-on-one dates where Ben and Lauren endured an awkward boat ride once he realized he didn’t even know who he’d be proposing to the next day. Lauren sensed something was up and Ben then questioned if the entire fling with her was too good to be true because it’d only been smooth sailing up to this point.

But Ben and his way of words reassured Lauren by saying QUOTE, “No matter what happens, you’ve made me a better person. You’ve made this worth it. You’ve stood beside me at all times and not only allowed me to know you better but also to fall in love with you.”

Jojo’s date, on the other hand, seemed 100x more relaxed and easygoing and also 100x more thrilling and something I’d kill to do (or maybe I’m just having major Race withdrawals). But then came Jojo’s game of 20 questions to Ben where she asked if he “feels good” to which all hell broke loose and his nonverbals couldn’t have been more obvious.

She continued to grill him into the evening, when things got so awkward that they attempted to hide from the cameras to talk things over, but the only thing that was caught was Ben admitting to also loving Lauren and Bach Nation COULDN’T EVEN.

But to America’s dismay, Jojo stayed put in Jamaica until the next morning when Ben, who still didn’t convince America that his mind was made up, would be proposing to one of the two women. Unfortunately, Jojo arrived first out of the helicopter, buuuut we all know what that means. Wearing a stunning light pink sequin gown, Jojo made her way over to Ben, where he let her painfully confess her love for him, but his heart just so happened to be in a different place…

Jojo was blindsided almost as much as America was, and I may or may not have shed a few tears, but hey, now that all of America wishes they could be biffles with Jojo, she might just be better off anyway. But it could only go up from here, because shortly after, Lauren arrived in a stunning royal blue gown AKA the color of FIRST PLACE and Ben couldn’t knock the smile off his face if he tried. The proposal was, to no surprise at all, adorable, after Ben called Lauren’s dad on the phone to ask for his blessing, and the two got on with their sweet mushy confessions and the Neil Lane rock pretty much blinded us for life.