Clevver News VIDEO: Louis Tomlinson’s Ex Slams Trolls Over Baby Freddie Selfie

Posting nasty comments underneath the image, social media users accused her of stealing the pic and trying to pass it off as herself. Plus, again we hear the age-old claim, that she wasn’t even pregnant with Louis’s baby in the first place.

Briana got so upset by the rumors, she decided that she’s finally had enough! Responding to the comments, she wrote QUOTE: “To create such a disgusting lie and to stir up so much trouble is unacceptable. I’ve never stolen any photo. It’s sickening how I’ve been treated throughout my pregnancy and now.”

She goes on to explain that she has a newborn son and should be enjoying every minute, but instead people are trying to take away her happiness, and she’s not going to let them.

Directly after that, Briana then made her Instagram account private and changed her bio to read, “Positivity only please. Hate is blocked.”

This photo is only one of five posted between her and the One Direction singer. Just three days ago, Louis posted this adorable pic to his Instagram with the caption reading, QUOTE: “Lad and Dad”.

(Sigh)…I guess we will only be able to stalk Louis’s photos of little Freddie Reign from now on. The new parents are currently not in a relationship and Louis has been seen out and about with actress Danielle Campbell.

But don’t worry guys, Louis’s still making sure that parenting comes first on his list of priorities. He’s been spotted around LA with his newborn on several occasions and TMZ reported that he’s leasing a three-bedroom home in Calabasas for Briana and Freddie.

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