Clevver News VIDEO: High School Musical 4 New Character Breakdowns

Since the OG Wildcats are too fossilized to still play teenagers, Disney has dreamt up a whole new cast.
First came the announcement, and now we know the coveted new roles that will become the new Wildcats. That’s a tough act to follow. But although the original gang will not be returning, some of their cousins will be filling their shoes. No actors have been locked down just yet, but we do have character names and descriptions.
Meet Campbell, Erin, Derek, Nathalie, and Tamara. Campbell is basically the second coming of Troy Bolton, but instead of basketball, Campbell is the soccer captain and theater star of course. He shares the same bloodline as Ryan and Sharpay Evans as their cousin.
Erin is also a star soccer player, but get this, she’s the only female on the boy’s team. Claps for Disney for being progressive and less sexist. Clearly making up for lost time after all of the princess films….Erin starts to take a liking to a bad boy named Derek who is apparently bad news and contemplates whether or not to trust her instincts. Derek on the other hand, is perceived as the bad boy, but is really a softy, family oriented guy who is also a really good soccer player and dancer who, get this, teaches dance classes to little girls at his family’s dance studio. I think I already have a favorite.
But in the midst of all of this soccer playing, there is a love triangle between Derek, Erin, and Campbell because Erin and Derek have a thing but Campbell also wants to date Erin and is not too happy about Erin having a thing for Derek. Yeah it’s definitely high school all over again. But that’s not everybody.
Nathalie is an East High super fan slash bubbly cheerleader who is Erin’s best friend while TAMARA is a former queen bee who is also on the cheer squad but wants to regain her social power. And ding ding ding, we have the mean girl. Sounds like all the usual suspects to make a high school go round right?
But who would you guys cast to play the new characters? Obviously I’m a fan of our Clevver squad filling the void but I’m a little bias. People magazine threw out some names including Keke Palmer and Justin Bieber but I’m throwing Ariana Grande in there too. Who are your casting picks? And better yet, who in the Clevver crew would you pick to play who? Let me know in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe and then click right over here to walk down memory lane with the original High School Musical on Throwback. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m Ryland Adams and I’ll see you next time.