Clevver News VIDEO: Demi Lovato Fangirls with Brie Larson & Kerry Washington at Vanity Fair Oscars Party 2016

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And you know you’ve made it in life when “date night” consists of a Vanity Pair after party, also noting that Demi and Wilmer couldn’t have looked more perfect. UGH GOALS.

She came, she saw and Demi Lovato CONQUERED the infamous Oscars Vanity Fair After Party alongside her beau of over five years, Wilmer Valderrama, where the two who were dressed to the nines in all black and white, showed some adorbz PDA on the red carpet.

But it gets even cuter. Later on during the party, Wilmer couldn’t stop gushing over his lady love after the release of her most emotional music video yet for her single “Stone Cold”, saying QUOTE, “We’ve been in each other’s lives for her entire journey, so to see her evolve as such a multi-faceted artist to me – is really what people needed to see. I’ve known this about her for a very long time, so I’m very proud of her.”

Demi also partied the night away with some old friends, like long-time BFF and touring partner Nick Jonas, and even some new friends when Oscar winner Brie Larson appeared in her Snapchat and the two partook in the sweetest fangirl moment.
Demi was also involved in one of the biggest “SCANDALS” of the night when Kerry Washington could be heard in her Snap story, gushing over how much she loves Demi. Take a look:
And I’m just thinking out loud here, but this means that we’ll maybe possibly be treated to a Demi cameo on Scandal sometime soon, right? Well, one can only hope. Ok, so I have no experience in this department, but I can only imagine that nearing the end of the night out, the high heels no longer seem like a good idea, but it looks like Demi and a few more of her new pals including Jessica Biel and Amy Adams had the RIGHT idea when they were pictured proudly holding up their heels, each beaming with an expression of pure comfort and bliss.
So I’d say that’s the perfect way to conclude a star-studded night out, but I gotta hear all your thoughts on Demi’s night in general. What did you think about the dress, the date, the new friends, the old friends, and if you love Demi like I do, any fangirl comment is of course welcome, so get to talkin’ right down here in the comments section. After that, if you missed out on any of the Oscars red carpet fashion, WE GOT YOU. Be sure to click right over here to check out our thoughts on the best and worst dressed from last night’s Oscars. Thanks so much for hanging out with me here on Clevver’s Award show coverage, I’m your host Ryland Adams and I’ll see you next time.