Clevver News VIDEO: Britney Spears Says She Pities Justin Bieber & Covers V Mag

It’s Brit’s world and we’re just living in it, so if anyone has a problem with that, well, Britney quite frankly couldn’t care less!

It’s not hard to see that the princess of pop music has it all – a Las Vegas residency, a thriving career after 20 years and all the love she needs with her two adorable boys. However, in her interview with V Magazine, she reveals that the rise to fame wasn’t exactly an easy one and even pities another well-known star who’s attempted to overcome his own struggles. Brit said QUOTE, “Whoever is in the spotlight, people are really quick to judge. I mean, there are a lot of kids coming up who’ve experienced that. Justin Bieber, he’s huge, and he experiences judgment. It’s just the way the world works, unfortunately.”

She goes on to say that she’s no stranger to the harsh criticism she receives, but handles it in the best way possible, saying, “I kind of don’t pay attention to it. I have my relationship with God and myself and that’s what matters to me. I really don’t care what most people think.”

Brit even spoke about how celebs now-a-days have even easier access to criticism with social media, saying that she feels lucky it wasn’t as big when she was in her prime of rising to fame, saying, “Honestly, I still don’t use my computer. My kids use the computer more than I do! I understand that a lot of people are into it, and I have days where I write and stuff, but it’s really not for me. It’s not my thing.”

And rather than focusing her attention on the opinion of social media, one thing Brit IS focusing on at the moment is her new music. She dished all about her new record, saying she has no idea when it will be complete but would rather it take longer if that means it’s exactly how she wants it to be. She even revealed that, “The direction I’m going in is so good. It’s the best thing I’ve done in a long time. I’m proud of the work, and it’s very different; it’s not what you would think at all. I just want it to be done right, so that my fans will truly appreciate it.”

I totally get that, but really though, what hasn’t Britney done wrong?! Regardless, and future signs of a new album will surely be on our “radar” but for now, I want to know what you guys think about Brit’s approach to avoiding the haters, so get the conversation going right down here in the comments section or you can tweet me to talk all things BSpears @miriamisa. After that, don’t forget to click right over here to check out a few of the most underrated pop stars on Debatable. Thanks so much for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Miriam Isa and I’ll see you next time!