Chrissy Teigen Has a Hangover Cure Recipe You Can Use as Baby Food

The gorgeous model is half-Thai and says she picked up a unique recipe from her childhood which her mom passed on to her. The dish is a slow-cooked porridge which she says her mother used as a baby food – but she still eats it to this day because it doubles as a great hangover cure. Chrissy explained:

“My mum is Thai and she would always make this hearty, slow-cooked porridge. It just always smelled like home to me. It was a baby food for us because it was such a nice rice porridge. Now that I’m not a child eating it, it’s an excellent hangover meal.”

The model recommends adding spices and meats to the porridge and her favourite is adding a well seasoned piece of pork. She advises anyone copying her recipe to add plenty of spice and seasonings for the best flavour:

“I loved being able to have control over my own spices and seasonings.  just remember every piece of pork being so spicy and well seasoned. It had this ginger aroma filling the house.”